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BridgeComm Signs Cooperative Agreement With Saturn Satellite Networks

Optical Wireless Communications pioneer to support Saturn architecture with comprehensive communications system

DENVER (Sept. 10, 2019)—BridgeComm, Inc., a leader in optical wireless communications (OWC) solutions and services, is pleased to announce it has signed a cooperative agreement with Saturn Satellite Networks Inc. (Saturn), a leader in high performance mini GEO Satellites. Saturn has introduced its “NationSat” satellites to address the needs of developing economies by employing advanced digital processing to increase flexibility, improve performance, and reduce weight thereby providing disruptive economics for customers.  Saturn is also developing other disruptive communications solutions for a much broader range of services to their customers. BridgeComm will support Saturn’s new communications architectures enabling secure, high-speed communications.

“As the first company to bring OWC to the commercial market, we are confident that our technology and overall communication systems support will enable Saturn to offer a unique solution with the added features of being both high-speed and secure,” says BridgeComm CEO Barry A. Matsumori. “As we enter into a new era of 5G communications, OWC will be integral in bridging the existing connectivity gap, particularly in challenging environments to augment the capabilities already realized using RF technology.”

“Saturn Satellite Networks will provide services that are more closely associated with the terrestrial network nodes in terms of transparency and capabilities, “ says Saturn CEO Jim Simpson.”  “In addition, the performance of the network will surpass that of any existing space system, hence several key partnerships have been established; among them with BridgeComm.”

BridgeComm will work to provide Saturn with optical communications system design and systems engineering.  BridgeComm will also support Saturn in key design parameters as well as with ground communications services.  Finally, Saturn and BridgeComm will jointly work to support both commercial and US Government customer solutions.

About BridgeComm

BridgeComm is a global leader in optical wireless communications solutions and services. Through a global network of ground stations designed to support complimentary fixed and mobile terminals, the company provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade broadband services for a variety of markets, including space exploration, terrestrial networks for 5G connectivity and applications, and airborne lasercom for prominent applications including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, in-flight entertainment and backhaul. More information can be found at

About Saturn 

Saturn, is an Englewood Colorado based subsidiary of Airspace Internet Exchange Inc. (AirspaceIX). The company is responsible for the design, program management, manufacturing, and delivery of the disruptive mini-GEO NationSat satellite.  Saturn manufactures the NationSat satellite at its facilities in the US.  Over 95% of the payload and bus components of the NationSat satellite originate in the USA.

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