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Building a secure bridge for point-to-point connectivity

Is It Finally Time for Free-Space Optics to Shine?

Finding Opportunity in a Period of Instability: How enterprises can adapt to evolutionary change—and thrive 

—March 2020, Article by CEO, Barry Matsumori

Photonics Spectra Jan 2020

The staggering potential of free-space optical communications has experts feverishly striving to meet the ever-ambitious expectations of the user.

Denver Startup Week - 2019 

How to Achieve Product Market Fit

Moderator - Tanya Ramond - BridgeComm Inc

Constellations Podcast

Smallsats, Laser Links and Optical Comsats, July 25, 2019


The Economist

A new business in small satellites orbiting the Earth, July 8, 2019


SIGNAL Magazine

Harnessing Photons for Communications, June 1, 2019


Space News

Are laser links ready for prime time? May 22, 2019


Breaking Defense

Say It With Space Lasers: Optical Comsats For Major War, March 21, 2019


The Denver Post

Denver-based BridgeSat forms new partnership to build laser-based broadband network across Middle East, February 26, 2019

Via Satellite

Es’hailSat, BridgeSat, Qatar Satellite Form Partnership, February 19, 2019



As rocket companies proliferate, new enabling tech emerges as the next wave in the space race, January 15, 2019



Why the ‘timing is right’ for laser communications, October 19, 2018



Denver Aerospace Startup Growing Ahead Of Startup Week Panel, September 20, 2018


Denver Business Journal

Boeing leads $10 million investment in Denver aerospace startup, September 11, 2018



To Be or Not to Be (Female) in the Tech Workplace, August 20, 2018


SatMagazine by SatNews:

Optical Communications Systems For Smallsats, February 1, 2017


Space Daily:

York Space Systems signs Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, January 13, 2017


Euroconsult Research and Markets:

Top Twenty NewSpace Startups to Watch for 2016, July 15, 2016


Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA):

MIT New Space Age Conference Panelist AMA, June 10, 2016


Daily Breeze Aerospace Technology:

Silicon Beach meets Corporate Aerospace Giants at Redondo Beach Innovation Hub, March10, 2016


SatMagazine by SatNews:

The Future Of Smallsat Optical Communications, Feb. 8, 2016


Satnews Daily:

Birth of a New Company – Allied Minds Forms BridgeSat, Oct. 6, 2015


Via Satellite (Satellite Today):

BridgeSat Plans Optical Network for SmallSats, UAVs, Oct. 2, 2015


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