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Solers Supports BridgeSat’s Optical Communications Ground Network

Feb 7, 2017

February 7, 2017 | Chantilly, VA

Solers, Inc. today announced a contract from BridgeSat, Inc. for software to support the BridgeSat optical communications ground network. Solers will design and deliver the ground terminal and ground site data processing and data distribution for BridgeSat’s upcoming pathfinder mission.

“Solers is excited to work with BridgeSat on this new and innovative offering that has the potential to revolutionize the satellite communications industry,” said Mr. Patrick Callis, President of Solers Federal. “The ground terminal processing and distribution of high throughput data from laser based systems is a unique challenge that Solers is well-equipped to handle. Our proven capabilities in innovative, real-time data processing and satellite ground system development and integration are a complement to BridgeSat’s highly qualified team.”

BridgeSat, Inc. is developing an optical communications network that offers secure delivery of data from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites at faster speeds and lower cost than traditional radio frequency solutions. BridgeSat’s small form factor laser communication terminals are a potential game changer for the satellite communications industry. In addition, BridgeSat will be establishing a worldwide network of stations to downlink customer’s data. Solers will design and develop the High Data Rate Network Storage and Cloud Compatible System and deploy it at BridgeSat’s first ground site later this year.

“Solers’ extensive experience delivering ground networking capabilities is an excellent fit for meeting our demanding needs,” said Matt Thoms, General Manager of BridgeSat, “We look forward to working with the Solers team as we efficiently develop a high data-rate optical communications ground network to serve the commercial satellite community.”

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