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100 GBPS Optical Over The Air Demo

Laser Communications at 100 GBPS using infrastructure grade telecommunication 

equipment from Nokia USA and Free Space Optical Communications from BridgeComm Inc. 

Enabling the next step in 5G backhaul resilient communications and RF denied operations.

APRIL 6-15



Hampton Inn

Sneads Ferry North

1248 NC-210

Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

BridgeComm’s Point-to-Point (P2P) technology is a cost-effective solution for high-throughput secure connectivity across space, air, land and sea domains. By incorporating optical wireless communications (OWC), with Nokia’s industry leading infrastructure telecommunication tools we can offer a modular and scalable communications solution that supports the diverse demands for data, speed and security end-users require beyond the reach of fiber and without the compromises of radio communications.

“RF and fiber are technologies that have served us well, evolving to meet the increasing demands for higher performance within any mobile communications system, though they come with physical limitations for speed and capacity,” said Barry Matsumori, CEO of BridgeComm. “OWC addresses the needs of end users, while complimenting RF with point to multipoint capability, throughput to support thousands of aggregate users, with inherent interference mitigation. We've seen great success in our demos and are excited for our customers to reap the benefits…”

Nokia and BridgeComm will leverage existing commercial technology to design, construct and operate a private wireless network. The largely virtualized network will be based on standardized 3GPP architectures and allow for a cost efficient, yet highly scalable network test bed that will enable rapid experimentation of applications. Each connected private wireless location will benefit from extremely high data transfer rates, lower latency, and a resilient backhaul that is LPD/LPI and independent of allocated and costly spectrum requirements.

OWC addresses many of the infrastructure requirements to support the current and future demands for data, with a lower cost threshold and fewer regulatory restrictions. BridgeComm's global network of optical ground stations provides high-bandwidth, high-security solutions for rapid deployment of point-to-point data transmissions. For more information, please contact us and hope to see you at the demo.

BridgeComm is a global leader in optical wireless communications solutions and services. Through a global network of ground stations designed to support complementary fixed and mobile terminals, the company provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade broadband services for a variety of markets, including space exploration, terrestrial networks for 5G connectivity and applications, and airborne lasercomm for prominent applications including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, in-flight entertainment, and backhaul. More information can be found


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